La Girafe en feu exists to create experiences for the public through art.

Internationally recognized as a multidisciplinary artist and virtuoso of image and communication, Dali’s work offers a new way of understanding our world. La Girafe en feu is dedicated to making Dali’s genius, madness, humour, and passion for science accessible in the public sphere by exhibiting his works in their own style.


GREGG PARKS | Producer
Gregg has extensive experience managing, directing and producing for a variety of cultural organizations. From creating an annual performing arts festival that still thrives today, to leading the development of international museums from concept to completion, to creating award-winning live arts productions that continue to tour the world, Gregg has a wealth of experience and success.

Notable achievements include overseeing and developing museum projects in Portugal, Belgium, Canada and the United States.

FÉLIX BÉLANGER | Creative Producer
Félix Bélanger is a long-time contributor in the world of art and culture in Canada. As Director of Le Diable à Quatre, a theater company, Félix was instrumental in the support and development of each production. He later founded a creative firm that specialized in bringing set direction to both major films and television productions in Montreal.

As his passion grew in the world of art and museum curation, he began to build his own collection. His encounter with the work of Savlador Dalí was a turning point that changed his life, eventually leading to a close relationship with the world-renowned scholar and archivist for Dalí, Frank Hunter. His friendship and collaboration with Frank Hunter broadened his vision of the great master of surrealism and led to the success, development and creative vision for Divina Dalí.

Museologist, designer, creator, director and author, Raynald Michaud has received numerous awards for his contribution to culture and cultural and tourism development.

Many Quebec institutions have called on his services to design exhibitions, animations and multimedia projections. These include the Musée de la civilisation de Québec, the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, the Site historique de l'Ile-des-moulins de Terrebonne, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Montreal Planetarium, the Montréal Biodôme, the Montréal Botanical Garden and many more.

He was the general and artistic director of the Just for Laughs Museum from 2000 to 2007, designing the exhibitions and cultural activities.

CHRISTIANE BERTHIAUME | Director of Special and Corporate Events
Christiane has held several positions within the Lise Watier company, from research to animation, coordination, chronicling and co-directing of programs and corporate videos.
She’s teaching and participating in the coordination and creation of student fashion shows in the design and marketing programs at the renowned LaSalle College.

In parallel, using a "design thinking" approach, she continues to direct events, workshops and conferences in the entertainment industry, both as an artistic director and as a producer, observing the social markers that influence our lives and interest the public.

KAREN FRANCIS | Director of Marketing and Operations
Karen Francis builds and strengthens communities, specializing in business development, social impact initiatives, sponsorship development and media production for both the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

After holding leadership positions in corporate telecommunications, Karen moved to a nationally recognized organization known for their work supporting refugees. As Executive Director, Karen brought leadership in nonprofit governance, operational planning, communications, community building, sponsorship development, brand awareness and management in the growth and strategic direction for this vital organization.

FRANK HUNTER | Archivist, Expert and Guest Curator
Frank Hunter met and worked with Salvador Dalí between 1969 and 1989. He acts as director of Salvador Dalí Archives Ltd.

He is an internationally recognized expert, Salvador Dalí's official archivist and the holder of the catalog raisonné of Salvador Dalí's graphic work and is the authority on authentication.